HTC M7 to Have Industry-First Ultrapixel Camera

The mythical HTC M7 super-phone would have an industry-first ultrapixel camera, if latest reports turn out to be accurate. Pocket-lint, citing sources familiar with the matter, confirms that the M7's camera will be made up of three 4.3-megapixel sensor layers to generate crisper and more color accurate images. The technique, similar to what's used in the Nokia PureView 808 or the Sigma camera's Foveon X3 sensor, intelligently combines three lots of data to create one single virtual pixel, and thus, a final image that's extremely crisp and clear. HTC has sent invites for a February 19th press event in New York City, likely to unveil the HTC M7.

What Else You Need To Know

  • A leaked video from HTC's year-end party revealed the CEO Peter Chou chanting the words "HTC M7" to assembled staff members, before using the new handset to take a photo.
  • The HTC M7 is expected to feature HTC Sense 5.0, which offers an easier to use UI, a redesigned lock-screen and HTC apps.
  • The M7 is rumored sport a 1080p, full HD 4.7-inch display, 1.7GHz quad-core processor, a metallic unibody design, and an IR port that allows the phone to be used as a universal remote control.

Other sources

Ultrapixel is ultimately remarketing the megapixel. - Stuart Miles, Pocket-lint  
HTC has done a great job of integrating better camera experiences in devices over the last few years, as evidenced in some of the myTouch models. - Scott Webster, Android Guys  
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HTC M7 to ditch megapixels in favour of Ultrapixels  

The technique is also close to the way Nokia can handle image data with the camera in the 808 PureView, or Fujifilm's EXR system in its compact cameras - but both companies opt for a more conventional sensor structure and use surrounding pixels to render one equivalent in a final image rather than a multiple-layered structure that HTC is said to have opted for.

HTC M7 Rumored to Retain Its Name At Launch  

Focus Taiwan is confirming that it has heard that several corporate sources say that the phone will launch with the HTC M7 branding. The HTC M7 is widely believed to be the successor to the popular HTC One X that debuted last year.

HTC M7 Carphone Warehouse listing confirms name, colours  

Recently, a leaked video from an HTC party revealed the CEO Peter Chou chanting the name “M7, M7, M7” to assembled staff members, before using the new handset to take a photo.

HTC M7 to Sport New Camera Sensor with Three 4.3MP Layers  

Called “Ultrapixel,” the sensor should provide increased level of detail in the resulting image, along with sharper colors, yet the photo won’t be 13MP in size, although the three layers would sum up to that figure.

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HTC M7 will employ new ‘Ultrapixels’ sensor, report indicates  

The technique, similar to that used by Sigma in the Foveon X3 sensor, means that three lots of data can represent one final pixel. All that extra data can be intelligently “combined” to generate a crisper, cleaner image and, in the case of the Foveon sensor, better colour accuracy.

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HTC M7 will have Ultrapixel camera
HTC M7 saying goodbye to megapixels, hello to Ultrapixels?  

Although HTC gained much market share and profit by embracing Google’s Android operating system early, it later succumbed to Samsung’s rise, thanks to that company’s loaded line of Galaxy smartphones.

Rumor: the HTC M7 camera will feature ultrapixels instead of megapixels. But what does that mean?  

So, why did HTC felt compelled to coin a new term for the M7 camera sensor? Because the actual resolution of the images snapped with the new flagship will supposedly be just 4.3MP. Just like on the Nokia PureView 808, the camera will be able to snap photos at higher resolutions, but only in a special mode.