HP Ceo Meg Whitman kills HP smartphone rumors for 2013

In a recent meeting with analysts, HP CEO Meg Whitman made a statement that effectively kills all rumors of an HP smartphone for 2013. "We don't have any plans to introduce a smartphone in 2013," said Whitman, even though she is well aware of the fact that her company may have to ultimately offer one eventually. What this means is that HP may release a smartphone and perhaps even a new tablet running webOS some time in the near future. For now, though, it seems that the company wants to focus on other opportunities.

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  • HP is reportedly on a hiring spree at the moment in order to bring Palm's old webOS operating system back to life.

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What this means for the development of a smartphone and proprietary tablet remains to be seen - Luke Brown, Tech Radar  
Whitman: No HP smartphone next year  

Hewlett-Packard has no plans to launch a smartphone next year.

HP CEO Meg Whitman says no new smartphones in 2013  

While she does have a plan for the company's future in the smartphone industry, this decision will likely set HP back even further before returning to the market.

HP's 2013 Smartphone Plans: Start Thinking About One  

On top of adding costs and working capital burdens to an already stressed balance sheet, there could be additional write-offs.

No HP smartphones in 2013  

Hewlett-Packard’s return to the smartphone space may not happen as quickly as earlier indications suggested.

No new HP smartphone coming in 2013, says CEO Meg Whitman [UPDATED]  

While speaking at an analyst event yesterday, Whitman said that HP doesn't "have any plans to introduce a smartphone in 2013."

Whitman: no HP smartphone in 2013  

Despite her prior statements that the company would need to produce a smartphone in the near future, HP CEO Meg Whitman says that the company will not be releasing one in 2013.

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HP won't release a smartphone in 2013, despite CEO's previous comments
HP CEO confirms no new smartphones coming in 2013
HP CEO: no phone plans for 2013  

Whitman doesn't expect HP to have a smartphone ready any time soon.