Google's Winter Cleaning Hits iPhone, Other Non-Android Handsets

Setting up an iPhone, Nokia, or Windows Phone to sync with Gmail's services now takes more work, due to Google's "winter cleaning." The search giant, which owns the Android operating system, announced it is discontinuing a number of services, including Google Sync, which allows users to access Gmail, Calendar and Contacts over a number of devices by using the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol. Google is instead recommending open protocols CalDAV, CardDAV and IMPA for calendar, contacts, and e-mail, respectively. Starting January 30th, consumers won't be able to set up new devices using Google Sync, although it will still work for users who have already set it up.

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Overall, this feels like Apple ditching Google data from iOS 6 Maps, but at an even more problematic level: Microsoft can't just release an app of their own to fix it - Rene Ritchie, iMore  
Google dropping consumer ActiveSync Exchange support for Gmail, calendar, and contacts  

Using the Exchange ActiveSync protocol to connect smartphones to Google's services was a very convenient way to get contacts, calendars, and especially push email set up.

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I love the new Gmail app, but I prefer having all my email in one, unified app. I want to see everything in my inbox all at once. And as a user, I shouldn't have to care which pipe my communications are coming through, they should just show up in my interface. Having to go to separate app just for Gmail breaks that experience as well.

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