Google CEO Eric Schmidt says Google Maps not coming to iOS

In a recent interview where Google CEO Eric Schmidt shared a few words about the whole iPhone 5 maps snafu, it was revealed that an official Google Maps app for iOS6 will not be available any time soon. In fact, Schmidt says his company "have not done anything yet." This is sad news for iOS 6 users everywhere who are hoping for a quick Google Maps fix to aid them as Apple completely botches the native Maps app for the iPhone 5. There's a silver lining, however: the possibility of Google working with Apple for Maps has not been completely ruled out.

What Else You Need To Know

  • Apple's recently released iOS 6 software update left users with a mostly broken Maps application, leading users to wrong locations or simply giving them wrong directions.
  • Google Maps was removed by Apple in iOS 6 along with the native iOS YouTube app for a reason that up to this point is still unclear.

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Google Chairman Eric Schmidt on Tuesday confirmed that the company has yet to submit a new version of its popular iOS mapping app to Apple after the software was removed from the built-in bundle offered with iOS 6.

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Last week rumors surfaced that Google had readied a new Maps app for iOS 6, and that Apple was dragging its heels to approve it. This confirms that the rumor was wrong.

Schmidt: new Google Maps app for iOS not yet submitted