Facebook-Centric Android to Be Unveiled Thursday

Facebook sent press invites for an April 4 event to unveil what it calls its "new home on Android." The world's largest social network has not provided further details amid speculations that it could be hardware (Android-running Facebook-branded phone) or software (Facebook-centric software for Android phones). The Wall Street Journal and other sources report that Facebook will unveil Facebook Home, a customized version of Android that displays content from users' Facebook accounts on a smartphone's home screen." There will also be new hardware as the reports say that Facebook and device-maker will also be unveiling the first Facebook Home-running phone, the HTC Myst, at Thursday's event.

What Else You Need To Know

  • In Facebook's customized Android OS, its Messenger, Photos, and Contacts apps will be the default apps for the OS, with the Messenger app being used to both IM users' friends on Facebook, as well as sending out SMS texts.
  • The HTC Myst is said to resemble the iPhone 5, with a home button located on the bottom-middle portion of the phone, with capacitive buttons on both of its sides, and a 4.3-inch screen.

Other sources

So it's not exactly a Facebook phone, but an Android-based platform with a bunch of Facebook stuff tacked on. - Steve Kovach, Business Insider  
Most of us are wary to see what this new Facebook-integrated Android OS will look like, but who knows, maybe Facebook can pleasantly surprise us. - Brian Sin , Android Community  
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