Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ambiguously denies Facebook phone rumors
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When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was asked to talk about Facebook's mobile strategy, he took the chance to address the rumors that there was a Facebook phone in the works. Quite simply, the young CEO thinks that making a phone "wouldn’t make much sense." He mentions that third-party software platforms like Apple's iOS gives them plenty of room to do a lot of interesting things on mobile. Perhaps Facebook is just looking to take advantage of that. Did Zuckerberg deny the fact that there is indeed a Facebook phone on the way? Not really. But he did acknowledge that the idea is pretty crazy. It's not like he would want to throw off anyone who might be waiting on the phone's release to catch the market off guard or anything...

What Else You Need To Know:

- The rumored Facebook phone is said to be scheduled for an early 2013 release date.

- Facebook currently employs an ailing mobile strategy that has a lot of people curious about what it plans to do for the future--consequently what seems to have prompted all this talk of a Facebook-branded phone in the first place.

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Zuck might be playing with semantics, because a Facebook-focused OS could make a lot of sense for the company and he didn’t rule that out. - Sean Ludwig, Venture Beat  
Actually, it’s really quite hard to call for sure at this point, but if you take a closer look at Zuckerberg’s direct comments, you start to see that he was very careful with his word choice, which might mean that the statements he gave where only a half-truths at best. - Brad Reed, Boy Genius Report  
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