Dropbox Gobbles Mailbox

Popular online storage provider Dropbox is eyeing to integrate e-mail to its cloud-based services. Dropbox today announced that it has acquired startup Mailbox for an undisclosed sum. Dropbox believes adding Mailbox to its cloud-based offerings can "save millions of people a lot of pain" when it comes to handling their email and files. Dropbox said it hopes to offer Mailbox to as many people as possible in the near future. Mailbox made its debut in iOS earlier this year and quickly gained popularity. But it explained that while it's been working hard to let more users into its service and add new features, there's more work than its 14-member team can handle.

What Else You Need To Know

  • Mailbox at launch gained publicity as it made users reserve a spot in line so that its servers weren't overwhelmed by a rush of traffic. The queue eventually numbered into the hundreds of thousands.
  • Gentry Underwood, CEO of Mailbox creator Orchestra, previously told the Wall Street Journal that the Mailbox app has taken 1.3 million reservations in total and is serving up 60 million messages every day.

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Looks like its time for another popular mobile email app to get consumed by a larger tech company. - Alex Wagner, Phone Dog  
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