Do Not Disturb Keeps iPhone Asleep for a Week
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Apple acknowledged a bug with the "Do Not Disturb" feature and said iOS 6 device owners would have to wait for a week for the fix. The feature allowed iPad and iPhone owners to mute notifications from incoming messages, alerts and phone calls when their devices are asleep. But, on New Year's Day, the feature started working improperly, failing to switch off at the scheduled end time. Apple says that the feature resumes normal functionality after January 7th. For the meantime, users can manually turn the DND feature on or off so as not to miss any important texts and calls.

What Else You Need To Know

  • To manually turn Do Not Disturb on and off, visit the Settings app, find Do Not Disturb, and tap to switch the slider.
  • In a case of bad timing, Apple recently released a 30-second ad featuring Tennis stars/sisters Venus and Serena Williams playing table tennis in a dream sequence and the ad telling the audience that they might miss out on an awesome dream without the Do Not Disturb feature.

Other sources

Users who are currently seeing a moon icon next to the clock on the iPhone when it’s past the scheduled time to turn off are currently experiencing the issue and at the moment, the issue seems to be very widespread with many iPhone owners reporting that Do Not Disturb isn’t functioning as normal. - Adam Mills, Gotta Be Mobile  
Understandably, it'll probably take longer than five days to find the offending code, whip up a fix, test it and roll it out to users. Still, a thorough explanation is always appreciated and the iOS faithful have already been patient enough. - Terrence O'Brien, Engadget  
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