Consumer Reports carrier rankings says Verizon is best, AT&T is worst
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The annual Consumer Reports cell phone carrier ratings are out, and this year is no different than the last one in that AT&T has been ranked as the worst carrier overall out of the U.S. Big Four--a group which includes Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless. Speaking of which, Verizon this year had the honor of being the number one cell phone carrier in the U.S., getting the top overall score in terms of customer support and voice and data service quality.

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  • The same report ranks AT&T's 4G LTE network highly, and says that those who are looking to save some money may opt to get a pre-paid phone and pay more upfront instead, then wait for the long term savings to roll in eventually.h

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Remember, though – the results are based solely on customer satisfaction surveys, and not on any type of run-down of actual statistics for the carriers. This means that your mileage may vary on these carriers, and others, in comparison to the report. - Dustin Karnes, Android Guys  
Consumer Reports Survey Again Reveals That It Won't Be on AT&T's Christmas Card List  

That’s the same overall conclusion the magazine has been coming to for a while now.

AT&T again deemed America’s worst carrier by Consumer Reports, Verizon tops list
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Consumer Reports ranks AT&T U.S. worst carrier, Verizon leads the way  

There are two things Consumer Reports has been widely known for recently. First is not liking the iPhone and second is not liking AT&T.

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AT&T is the worst carrier in the U.S., says Consumer Reports ratings  

This is the third consecutive year in which AT&T has earned that dishonor; however, AT&T can actually be somewhat happy about its latest embarrassment.

Consumer Reports ranks AT&T last among US carriers, Verizon first  

The shift in attitudes about smartphone plans comes at a time when major carriers continue to lag behind consumer demand. The stronghold of carriers like Verizon and AT&T on the US mobile market will loosen as consumers search for better deals on monthly service.

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Consumer Reports Ranks AT&T As The Worst Carrier (T, VZ, S, DT)  

In Consumer Reports' annual report on cell phone carriers, AT&T has once again ranked the lowest in customer satisfaction.

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AT&T Ranked Bottom Carrier By Consumer Reports. Again.  

Consumer Reports also mentioned that prepay plans are often a remarkably good deal for smartphone users — assuming you’re not tied to a contract, which I believe most of us are.

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Verizon praised by Consumer Reports; AT&T only given credit for LTE  

For prepaid, Consumer Reports favors the smaller, regional carries. Consumer Reports cites better deals and monthly savings as a primary reason for going with prepaid. For prepaid, US Cellular takes the top spot, with Credo Mobile in second place; if you’re not in the coverage of either, Verizon is in third place.

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Verizon tops Consumer Reports’ carrier survey, but AT&T does better for 4G service  

Consumer Reports just published its annual ratings report on wireless carriers, and the general consensus is that the Big Four tend to promise a lot—but their customer satisfaction scores prove they struggle to deliver.

AT&T still at bottom of Consumer Reports rankings, but boasts best 4G network