Carriers stockpiling nano-SIMs for iPhone 5 launch

According to a recent Financial Times report, European mobile carriers have started placing multiple orders for new nano-SIM cards in anticipation of an iPhone 5 launch which will reportedly use the miniature cards. The move should help ensure that carriers don't run out of cards like they did when Apple switched to the microSIM format with the original iPad and iPhone 4.

What You Need To Know:

- Two sources claim that carriers are stocking millions of the chips in warehouses, anticipating high demand when Apple's next iPhone is released.

- The nano-SIM is 40% smaller than the microSIM.

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Now the bigger question, why do we even need nanoSIM cards? - Stefan Contantinescu, Intomobile  
European carriers stockpiling nano-SIMs ahead ‘iPhone 5′ launch
European carriers reportedly placing nano SIM orders in anticipation of iPhone 5 launch  

Last iMore heard, the iPhone 5 was still on track for an October, 2012 release, and since Apple has succeeded in getting a newer, smaller nano-SIM standard passed, Europeans carriers are now reportedly placing orders for the tiny new chips in anticipation of the launch.

Telecoms stockpiling nano-Sim cards ahead of iPhone 5  

The device has yet to be announced, but The Financial Times reports that operators have begun ordering the cards by the millions in anticipation.

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Carriers "stockpiling" nano-SIMs in preparation for the iPhone 5
iPhone 5 to use nano-Sims as operators begin stockpiling ahead of launch  

The nano-Sim is even smaller than the micro-Sim and was at the centre of an argument between Apple and Nokia earlier this year with both having different proposals of how the Sim should be built.

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iPhone 5 will use nano-SIM
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European operators are ordering mountains of nanoSIM cards due to the iPhone 5  

Earlier this year we heard about an even smaller SIM card standard, the so called “nanoSIM”. It’s roughly 40% smaller, making it damn near microscopic.