BlackBerry 10 Unveiled, Launches with 70,000 Apps

BlackBerry finally announced the long overdue BlackBerry 10 operating system. The Canadian device-maker formerly called Research In Motion touts that the new QNX-based OS is launching with a promising 70,000 apps, including the popular Angry Birds Star Wars. Adopting an app-centric interface akin to the market leading Apple iOS and Android, the BB10 features a universal inbox for emails, texts and social media updates, a video-chat mode to the popular BlackBerry Messenger, separate user profiles and personas with BB Balance, and the new gesture-based navigation Peek and Flow that lets the user swipe between apps. First phones that feature that newly built OS are the all-touch 4.2-inch BlackBerry Z10 and the QWERTY-endowed Q10.

What Else You Need To Know

  • BB10 also features a new on-screen keyboard with super-smart predictive text that’ll learn as you type, repository for important details BlackBerry Remember, and a photo editor designed for on-device mobile editing.
  • BlackBerry confirmed that it's in talks with Instagram and Netlix to make mobile applications for the BB10 platform.

Other sources

There were no big surprises in the presentation as most of the details have been revealed in earlier BB10 events or leaked to the Internet in the past few weeks. - Kelly Hodgkins, Into Mobile  
BB10 is good. It's slick and performs well. It just doesn't seem to offer a game-changing experience or a reason for consumers to ditch their incumbent device, - Gareth Beavis , TechRadar  
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