BlackBerry 10 launch delayed until March 2013

According to one analyst, the BlackBerry 10 launch that was originally scheduled to happen as early as January 2013--which is already late as it is--could now be pushed all the way up to March, as RIM suffers yet another delay. Apparently, channel partners cutting back on BlackBerry device inventory is one of what can only be a myriad of reasons as to why this delay is happening. For what it's worth, a lot of people are still waiting on RIM to finally push out BB10 and compatible devices. Although at this rate, it looks like the BlackBerry faithful will have to keep waiting even more.

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  • At present, RIM is still trying to iron out the kinks in BlackBerry 10 and has mentioned multiple times that it just wants to bring out a fully-working product instead of a half-baked one.

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If BB10 turns out as beautiful and functional as it’s promising to be, RIM could regain much of its popularity, especially among businesses. - Daniel Bader, Mobile Syrup  
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You could be in for a longer wait yet, as one analyst predicts a March launch, rather than January.

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We have been hearing for a while that RIM are expected to launch their first BlackBerry 10 devices in January of next year, although according to a recent report, RIM may not launch these new devices until March.

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BlackBerry 10 smartphones will probably not launch until 2013 according to one analyst

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RIM right now is pretty much in free fall. It’s not rocketing down as fast as many analysts believed, but it’s falling.

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BlackBerry 10 delayed until March 2013