Barnes & Noble Tablets Cut to as Low as $149
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Barnes & Noble cut prices of its Android tablets by as much as 20%. The largest book retailer in the U.S. is facing competition by Google/ASUS's $200 entry-level Nexus 7 tablet, and there is anticipation about the upcoming second generation Kindle Fire tablets from Amazon. Barnes & Noble reduced the price of the 8GB model Nook Tablet to $179 (from $199), the 16GB to $199 (from $249), and the Nook Color to $149 (from $169).

What Else You Need To Know:

- This price cut is available online, as well as Best Buy and other retail stores in the U.S.

- Aside from competition, the price cuts could also indicate that a product refresh is coming up.

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The price-drop may be a response to the runaway success of Google's Nexus 7 tablet, which garnered glowing reviews. - Anita Li, Mashable  
Barnes & Noble cuts prices across its Nook lineup, vies for your budget tablet affection  

In what could be seen as a response to the positive reaction that Google's $200 Nexus 7 has garnered, Barnes & Noble has just cut down the prices on all three of its Android-based, seven-inch Nook Tablets.

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Barnes and Noble Slashes the Price on the entire Nook Tablet Product Line  

This is a welcome decrease in price as Barnes and Noble is seeing increased competition form the Google Nexus 7 and imminent release of a second generation Kindle Fire.

Barnes And Noble Just Priced Its Nooks To Move  

Barnes and Noble has cut the prices on its three most expensive, most tablet-y Nooks.

Business Insider
Barnes And Noble Drops Prices Across Its Nook Tablet Line (BKS)
Barnes & Noble drops the price of the Nook Color and Nook Tablet  

If you were on still on the fence about the burgeoning 7-inch tablet space, Barnes & Noble now has some of the most affordable hardware, and each Nook model is in stock as of this writing.

Barnes And Noble Cuts Nook Tablet Prices As New Kindle Rumors Surface  

We’re already knee-deep in August for one, which means the back-to-school buying frenzy is starting to heat up considerably. Students (with parents in tow, naturally) will be trawling their local big box stores and online retailers for gadgets to accompany them to school, and a little price break makes the Nook lineup just a bit more palatable.

Barnes & Noble cuts price on Nook tablets
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Barnes & Noble Cuts Nook Prices
Barnes & Noble cuts Nook prices  

All three devices, with their 7-inch displays, have access to a digital library of e-books, movies, television shows and music.

Tech Radar
Nook tablets see price cuts in competitive market  

To call this upcoming holiday season a bit crowded in the mobile tech market might be premature, but signs like the Nook price drops indicate a busy future for tablet retailers.