AT&T announces shared data plans

AT&T has finally announced that it will offer shared data plans starting in August. With the carrier’s new Mobile Share plan, AT&T subscribers can pay for a chunk of data and share it among up to 10 mobile devices.

What You Need To Know:

- There are 6 shared data plans to choose from.

- Prices range from $40 for 1GB of data to $200 for 20GB of data.

- Included in the shared plan are tethering and unlimited voice calls and texts.

- An additional $15 will be charged per gigabyte of data consumed on top of your monthly allocation.

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The up side is that AT&T is not forcing anyone to change plans... - Adam Zeis, CrackBerry  
It was only a matter of time: with Verizon announcing its own shared data plans late last month, another major US carrier was sure to follow suit. - Stephen Schenck, PocketNow  
Phone Scoop
AT&T's Shared Data Plans Arrive Late August  

AT&T today responded to Verizon Wireless's shared data plans by announcing its own.

Mobile Crunch
AT&T To Roll Out New Shared Data Plans Up To 20GB Beginning Late August  

Just over a month after Verizon announced its shared data plans, AT&T is announcing its own today. Still no word on whether they will charge iPhone users to FaceTime over a cellular connection, though.

AT&T announces shared data plans, available in late August  

AT&T’s new plans will allow subscribers to share data between family members and also between devices.

Dialed In
AT&T matches Verizon, unveils shared data plans  

Similar to Verizon's, the "Mobile Share" plans let you share data with as many as 10 devices, including smartphones, messaging phones, laptops, and tablets. They'll be available in August.

Android Guys
AT&T announces shared data plans  

Today, AT&T has announced a new set of data plans. Like Verizon, these data plans are shared, making them the second major US carrier to offer such plans. The changes should come in late August. The plans are not mandatory, as they are at Verizon, meaning you can keep your current data plan if you so choose. Nobody should lose their unlimited plans.

Apple Insider
AT&T shared data plans launch late August, start at $45 per smartphone
AT&T announces shared data plans of their own starting in August
AT&T announces shared data plans
AT&T introduces shared data plans  

The up side is that AT&T is not forcing anyone to change plans - so you can jump on the shared ship if you'd like, or you can keep your single plans as is.

AT&T announces new shared data plans