AT&T ends tablet subsidies, lets users buy devices without contracts

AT&T has finally put an end to its practice of subsidizing tablets in order to let customers purchase cheaper units with accompanying service contracts. A move such as this by AT&T will end up with the customers having to pay full price for the tablets that they want. For those who don't want to get tied down to AT&T with a multi-year contract, this recent move to end subsidies is a good thing. However, those who plan on getting an LTE tablet and use up lots of data may end up dealing with more than they bargained for in their monthly bill.

What Else You Need To Know:

- AT&T's decision to end subsidies for tablets comes over a month after Verizon Wireless did the same for its tablets and netbooks.

- Currently, AT&T's tablet lineup consists of three devices. namely the Apple iPad, the Pantech Element, and the HTC Jetstream.

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Operators are beginning to realize that tablet subsidies aren’t the way to go. Now they need to eliminate legacy subsidy pricing models. - Kevin Fitchard, GigaOM  
AT&T does away with on-contract pricing for tablets  

This is great because customers who want to purchase a slate from the second largest wireless provider in the Unites States no longer has to get locked into a very expensive data plan (contract).

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AT&T has finally come to the conclusion that subsidies don’t make sense when it comes to selling tablets.

AT&T is sick of subsidizing tablets  

How pointless are LTE tablets in the age of data caps? So pointless that AT&T (T) has concluded that it won’t even subsidize them anymore.