Apple begins shipping 30-pin Lightning adapters for iPhone 5
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Customers in Australia who spent money on the iPhone 5's new 30-pin Lightning adapter will be receiving their orders soon, according to e-mail notifications that were sent out recently by Apple itself. There is said to be an ongoing shortage of the said adapters so those who ordered early can expect to get their Lightning adapters to arrive first. A global rollout of the 30-pin Lightning adapter for the Apple iPhone 5 should be announced shortly after these first shipments get completed.

What Else You Need To Know

  • There are currently two different versions of the 30-pin Lightning adapter for the iPhone 5. One is a direct plug adapter and costs $29 while the other comes with an 8-inch cable and costs $39.
  • Apple is currently the only manufacturer that is able to supply these 30-pin Lightning adapter to customers, with third-party accessory makers still unable to make copies of their own to sell to users of the iPhone 5.

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The company seems to be experiencing some shortage when it comes to these adapters. So if you ordered late, you may have to wait a bit. - Ci, iPhoneNess  
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Apple is offering two versions of this adapter.

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