Apple Rumored to Debut 3 New Phones, Including 4.8-inch iPhone Math
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Apple will release not one, not two, but three new iPhone models this year, according to reporting by a single source, the China Times. The report supposedly claims that Apple will be launching in June the next-generation iPhone, a low-cost model, and a large-format device with a 4.8-inch screen dubbed the iPhone Math. A next generation iPhone -- likely named the iPhone 6 -- is a given because Apple's has been releasing one new handset every year, but the talk about the two additional models must be taken with a grain of salt, according to news sites.

What Else You Need To Know

  • There have been previous reports from reputable sites The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg News that Apple is releasing this year a low-cost handset in addition to the high-end iPhone 6 but a key Apple exec has denied the plans.
  • Apple's chief rival, Samsung, in addition to releasing flagship Galaxy S phones, has been offering 5-inch phablet devices (the Galaxy Note series).

Other sources

It would seem at present there are a lot of rumours indicating that Apple plans to release more than one smartphone in 2013 in order to compete with growing rivals such as Samsung and to claw back market share from Android. - Paul Briden, Know Your Mobile  
The rapid release cycle with aggressive shifts in hardware simply does not make sense given Apple’s past iPhone and other product release cycles. - Mark Gurman, 9to5 Mac  
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As for a larger 4.8-inch model dubbed ‘iPhone Math’? The name sounds unorthodox and something Apple would never use. If indeed true though, it would be interesting how another screen resolution would affect developers, as Apple has been cautious to reduce the impact of new screen resolutions with the launch of new hardware.

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4.8-inch iPhone ‘Math’ reports don’t add up  

As we all know, Apple carefully selects its device screen-sizes, choosing only to move the iPhone to a taller, not wider display so it is still easily usable with one-hand. This jump from the 3.5-inch iPhone screen size to 4-inches in the iPhone 5 also required developers to tweak or redesign their App Store apps in order to provide a complete experience for users.

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Rumor: Apple To Launch 4.8-Inch iPhone in June  

Phones with screens larger than 5 inches (diagonal) are often called “phablets” as they’re larger than phones, but smaller than tablets. While it seems quite awkward to use the device as a phone, they seem to be quite popular with consumers lately.

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