Apple iWatch with Flexible Screen Revealed in Patent Filing

Apple is working on a wristwatch that has a 1.5-inch display, runs iOS, and performs certain functions of the iPhone, according to recent rumors and reports. What could be indicating that the Apple iWatch is in an advanced stage of development is an Apple patent application granted by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for a wearable device built around a flexible display. The patent application, called "Bi-stable spring with flexible display", involves embedding a flexible display, along with the necessary electronic components, into a conventional slap bracelet. Rather than being a standalone, fully-functional smartwatch, the device is classified as an "accessory" that would work in conjunction with another portable electronic device, presumably the iPhone. The patent does describe some iPhone-like software functionality, including changing the playlist, responding to text messages, reviewing list of phone calls, or even navigating apps like Maps. 

What Else You Need To Know

  • The device may make use of solar power and kinetic energy to help prolong battery life, according to the patent.
  • Bloomberg News, citing unnamed sources, reported February 13th that Apple has a team of 100 people, including designers and software and hardware engineers, working on a wristwatch-style computer.
  • Apple is under pressure to create a revolutionary new gadget amid slowing sales growth and rival Google soon unveiling Glass, an Android-driven augmented-reality eyewear.

Other sources

Of course, companies patent just about every idea, realistic or not, valid or not, sensible or not, that their engineers and designers come up with. It's very literally their jobs, given intellectual property litigation as it exists today. - Rene Ritchie, iMore  
Similar to current smartwatches such as the I’m Watch, the bracelet would connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to a smartphone, and then relay information from that device such as missed calls, email, etc. - Michael A. Prospero, LAPTOP Mag  
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