Apple iPhone 5 teardown reveals components and repairability level

The gang over at iFixit have gone and acquired a brand new Apple iPhone 5 not to use it as a phone, but to crack it open so you don't have to. In their recently published iPhone 5 teardown, it is revealed that Apple's latest smartphone runs on RAM chips from Elipda and uses an LTE radio from Qualcomm. And apparently, it is much easier to repair compared with the last iPhone. That's definitely a boon for prospective iPhone 5 users everywhere.

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  • The world's first "realistic drop test" of the iPhone 5, as performed by the guys over at Android Authority, shows that the new iPhone is not only easier to repair but also much more durable and resilient.

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The shiny chamfered edges don't fare so well, though, and it looks like you'll need a case if you want your new phone to remain pristine - Sam Byford, The Verge  
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First iPhone 5 teardown hits the web…  

This teardown does prove, however, that a bunch of parts that leaked in the run-up to the iPhone 5 keynote were legit.

iPhone 5 teardown reveals finished internals for the first time
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First iPhone 5 Teardown Hits The Web
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First iPhone 5 Teardown Photos
Exclusive: This is the first official iPhone 5 teardown  

The return to a construction that opens from the front may allow Apple to once again offer screen replacements on cracked displays.

First iPhone 5 teardown crops up online  

Since the iPhone 5 opens from the front of the device instead of the rear like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S you'll notice it's almost a mirror image of what you'd see in its predecessors.

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iFixit's iPhone 5 teardown begins within an hour of availability
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iPhone 5 Teardown in Progress  

Folks at iFixit, the teardown experts are at it again, they’re currently in the process of doing what every geek would love to do i.e. to crack open Apple’s new iPhone to see what’s inside.

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iFixit’s iPhone 5 Teardown Has Started [PICS]  

They claim this may be the “most repairable iPhone we’ve seen in a while,” as the iPhone 4S took 38 steps to complete this same task.

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iFixit Becomes One of First to Teardown the iPhone 5