Apple iOS 6 coming on September 19 with changes to Maps, Facebook, Siri, and more
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Along with the iPhone 5, Apple today announced the latest version of iOS, which is currently at version 6. iOS 6 will arrive on September 19 as a free update for a number of current iOS devices. It will introduce several software improvements, which include panorama mode for the camera app, better maps, Facebook integration, and Siri improvements. There are also a couple of new features such as iCloud Tabs, Shared Photo Streams, Facetime Over Cellular, and VIP Inbox for e-mail.

What Else You Need To Know

  • iOS 6 will be made available to the following devices: iPad 2, the new iPad, 4th generation iPod touch, and all phones from the iPhone 3GS onwards.
  • Apple iOS 6 was first previewed in June at WWDC 2012.

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Apple first previewed iOS 6 back in June at WWDC, but today it showed off the shipping product in detail. It arrives September 19 as a free update.

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