Apple CEO Tim Cook issues apology for iOS Maps, points to alternatives

Apple CEO Tim Cook has finally apologized for the problems that have been plaguing users of the faulty built-in Maps in iOS 6 nearly two weeks after it was first released to market. Cook admits that Apple "fell short" on its commitment to make a world-class product that delivers the best experience possible to its customers in the recently released iPhone 5. As it continues to work on perfecting its own mapping application for iOS, users are advised simply to use alternative solutions such as those from Google, Microsoft, or Nokia.

What Else You Need To Know

  • According to Apple's latest stats, there are already over 100 million activated iOS devices.
  • Apple Maps in iOS 6 turned out to be a disaster as Apple ditched Google to make use of its own mapping data.

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Obviously, this is directed toward the recent discovery that Apple and Google may have parted ways over the fact that Google was unwilling to let iOS users enjoy turn-by-turn navigation. - Jordan Crook, Mobile Crunch  
Mobile Crunch
Tim Cook Apologizes For Apple Maps, Points To Competitive Alternatives  

Last week, the only comment we got out of Apple was that this is “just the start.”

Tim Cook On Apple Maps: "We Are Extremely Sorry"
Tim Cook apologizes for Maps mess  

Cook went so far as to suggest that unhappy customers could check out offerings from competitors like Bing, MapQuest, Google and Nokia -- at least until Cupertino sorts this mess out.

CEO Tim Cook apologizes for Apple’s awful Maps app, recommends Bing and other alternatives
Apple Insider
Apple CEO Tim Cook apologizes to customers for Maps in iOS 6
Here Are The Apps Tim Cook Suggests You Use Instead Of Apple Maps (AAPL)
Apple CEO Tim Cook: We're 'extremely sorry' for iOS 6 Maps frustration  

In the meantime, Cook suggests users can try several alternatives from the App Store or the Web. He specifically mentions the Bing, MapQuest, and Waze apps, and the mobile mapping sites for Google and Nokia.

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Tim Cook issues a public apology for Apple Maps, suggests Bing, Google, and other alternatives  

Cook reiterated Apple’s iOS 6 stats, saying that 100 million people have upgraded to the new OS and are now using Apple’s new Maps application. He also noted that users have searched for more than 500 million locations.

Apple CEO Tim Cook issues open letter on iOS 6 Maps, says app will get better the more it's used
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Tim Cook apologizes: "We Are Extremely Sorry" about Apple Maps