$200 Intel-Powered Android Laptops Coming Soon
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Intel, the top chip provider for traditional computers, has struggled to make inroads in mobile devices, which are outgrowing PCs. Intel may have found a way to stay relevant in the post-PC era: Android powered netbooks. Intel Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer Dadi Perlmutter told CNET that we could see Android notebooks with Intel chips sell around the $200 mark. These cheap notebooks, he says, will offer touch screens and have Atom processors under the hood. He did not clarify whether the $200 device would be a full-on laptop or a convertible tablet/notebook but, regardless, the low price point is expected to woo consumers.

What Else You Need To Know

  • Intel in the past struggled to woo device-makers because while Intel chipsets are powerful, they're power-hungry, making them a bad fit for battery-powered mobile devices.
  • Most Windows 8 tablets are Intel-powered but these devices have so far recorded modest sales because of their high price tag and shortcomings with the software.

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