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What's good  

  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Simple (but inconsistent) controls
  • Easy setup
  • Great price
  • Solid performance

What's bad  

  • No Amazon Video support
  • Requires a power outlet
  • No benefit for many 4K TVs
  • No benefit over Chromecast 2nd Gen for TVs at 1080p or lower
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What's good  

  • Responsive, intuitive remote control
  • More than just media streaming--huge potential for apps and gaming
  • Siri voice controls
  • Simple operation
  • Polished interface
  • Powerful hardware

What's bad  

  • Price
  • Odd on-screen keyboard
  • Lack of gigabit ethernet
  • No 4K support
  • Lack of connection options (HDMI 1.4 only)
  • No external storage support