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Laptop Magazine

This Windows enterprise tablet is marred by short battery life, a lackluster resistive touchscreen, and a high price

Netbook Navigator Nav 9

from Laptop Magazine
With so many negative predictions aimed at Windows tablets, we'd actually like to see one pleasantly surprise us with a good touch experience and long battery life. Sadly, the Netbook Navigator Nav 9 is not that tablet: Its inaccurate resistive touch screen, frustrating on-screen keyboard, and relatively slow performance all disappoint, as does the sub-three-hour battery life. If you or your business really wants to use a Windows 7-based tablet, you're probably much better off waiting for HP's own slate to arrive... Full review

It’s like your first generation netbook with its keyboard cut off

Netbook Navigator Nav 9

from Engadget

Smack on the front of the Nav 9's box it says "the future of mobile computing." Sadly, the Nav 9 is the direct opposite of that. The tablet uses outdated netbook parts and a display that's just unacceptable by today's standards. As for its Windows 7 operating system, it is certainly robust, but the fact that it's not loaded with any touch-friendly software makes it less consumer friendly than other netveribles or Windows 7 convertible tablets out there. It may be more appropriate for the professional or enterprise market, but even then for $749 (that's the starting price when you actually c... Full review


It’s a decent netbook replacement

Netbook Navigator Nav 9

from TechCrunch

The questions that needs to be answered, of course, are “is a Windows 7 tablet right for you?” and “what does this tablet offer that others don’t?” To the first, I would say probably not; a 7 tablet is more aimed at enterprise and IT, and while it’s a full PC in your hand, with all the benefits that provides, it’s also pretty poorly optimized for touch at the moment. You’d have to put some work into it. As for whether the Nav9 provides anything special, I’d also have to say probably not, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a worth... Full review

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