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Too much LeEco and not enough Android

LeEco Le Pro 3

from Pocket-lint
The LeEco Le Pro 3 is an affordable phone with potential. Consider its aluminium unibody design, the beefy Snapdragon 821 chip, long-lasting battery, and great-sounding stereo speakers and there's plenty to praise... Full review
Tom's Guide

Stylish & speedy, but lacks battery life

LeEco Le S3

from Tom's Guide
Like the Le Pro 3, LeEco’s other recent U.S. arrival, the Le S3 is a bit of a disappointment because this budget phone could have been so much better. It has a lot of fantastic elements, including an unexpectedly good screen, a forward-thinking USB-C port and performance that's better than a $200 price tag would suggest. And, despite being a bit boxy, the Le S3 looks great, too. It even features capacitive touch buttons for people who hate cluttering up their display with on-screen navigation icons... Full review
Digital Trends

Would be the ultimate $250 phone if it weren’t for the software

LeEco Le S3

from Digital Trends
Should you buy it? Probably not. If you’re looking for the best phone under $250, the Le S3 is a good deal. Its only real downside is software — eUI isn’t pleasant to use and LeEco is unlikely to push timely software version updates to the device. We recommend you consider the Moto G4 Plus instead for up-to-date software that’s not bogged down with pointless services. Another alternative for those who want a metal phone and don’t mind a little bit of software meddling is the Honor 6X... Full review
PC Magazine

Affordable, fast, premium build

LeEco Le S3

from PC Magazine
The unlocked LeEco Le S3 balances a premium build, powerful performance, and unique features with an affordable price, making it a solid buy as long as you can look past its heavy-handed Android layer... Full review
Talk Android

The budget phone that leaves you wanting more

LeEco Le S3

from Talk Android
When it comes down to it, all the Le S3 really is is a lower-end version of the Le Pro 3. It has essentially the same body and construction, but less powerful hardware. Despite that, the Le S3 is still fast and can handle anything you need it to. It still has some shortcomings. For example, the camera could be a lot better, as it’s pretty subpar for what it is. Still, for $250, you’re getting a truly quality product that’s difficult to complain about. At that price, LeEco is really setting the tone for what a budget phone should look like... Full review
The Gadgeteer

Powerful processor, comparatively inexpensive

LeEco Le Pro 3

from The Gadgeteer
The Pro3 is worthy of consideration for anyone looking for a powerful unlocked GSM Android smartphone. The hardware components work well to provide an enjoyable user experience. The custom UI is not overbearing and flexible enough to permit other applications to be set as the default... Full review
PC Magazine

Offers a premium build and good specs

LeEco Le Pro 3

from PC Magazine
The LeEco Le Pro3 offers a premium build and good specs for a relatively affordable $399, but the competition is fierce. The Le Pro3 isn't a winner, but it's a promising start... Full review

Cheap but forgettable

LeEco Le S3

from Cnet
The LeEco Le S3 is a decent budget phone, but the Motorola G4 Plus is better... Full review

Superb battery life, good stereo sound, but annoying eui interface

LeEco Le Pro 3

from TrustedReviews
With the fastest processor on the market and super battery life, the LeEco Pro 3 is well worth the $400 asking price. It’s just a shame the Chinese firm’s custom interface can’t get out of its own way... Full review
Talk Android

A powerful, inexpensive (and confusing) phone

LeEco Le Pro 3

from Talk Android
So where have we ended up with the LeEco Le Pro 3? In short, this is a very solid and capable phone especially when you consider the $399 price tag. The hardware is beautiful and mostly very comfortable in the hand and feels like a more expensive device. The display is very bright and crisp, the performance solid for the most part, battery life is amazing, and while a number of issues are present with the camera, you will most of the time walk away pleased with the photos it takes. But how does this all come together as a phone worth buying?.. Full review

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