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The Next Web

The best tablet you can get for $80

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2017)

from The Next Web

Granted, it’s not all rosy. As usual there’s no access to the Google Play Store. That’s always been the case with Amazon devices, but its nevertheless a little disappointing. I still think Amazon would sell a ton of these if it simply made the Play Store optional rather than blocking it’s installation completely. Then there’s the obvious caveat that this is still a $79 tablet. The cameras both suck, the battery is slow to charge, and I wish it used USB-C so I could stick with one charger. Some people will hate the Amazon ads on the lock screen (you can pay... Full review


Most convincing selling point remains its low price

Amazon Fire 7 (2017)

from Notebookcheck
Considering its low price of only $49, the Fire 7 (2017) is a nice and well-rounded offer. We would have preferred to see a more significant upgrade but unfortunately, the slow SoC and internal storage, the low-resolution display, and only 1 GB of RAM are still with us. Thus, despite the fact that battery life and color accuracy have been improved, the tablet’s overall system performance is still quite poor... Full review

Incredible price-performance ratio

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2017)

from Notebookcheck
Those of you, who already own the predecessor, can skip this latest version. Apart from some minor enhancements (larger MicroSD card, slightly faster GPU) it hasn’t really changed much... Full review

Redefined the way in which we use an ereader

Kindle Oasis

from TechRadar
The Amazon Kindle Oasis is the best experience money can buy when it comes to reading electronic tomes. The main problem lies in how much money you have to part with to let that happen, and its high price is likely to scare some off... Full review
Tech Advisor

Luxurious, indulgent gadget for book lovers which delivers premium quality at a price to match

Kindle Voyage

from Tech Advisor
The Kindle Voyage is without doubt one of the best eReaders money can buy. Is it worth buying though? For most people, no. The extra resolution, sleek design and page-turning buttons are all nice-to-haves but by no means essential. You'll get a better reading experience on a Voyage compared to the current-generation Paperwhite, but only just, and the difference in price is simply too much to justify it. But if money is no object, then you won't be disappointed... Full review

The best affordable tablet

Amazon Fire 7 (2017)

from Pocket-lint
The Fire 7 has won itself a lot of fans based on its happy-go-lucky positioning at the bottom of the tablet pile. It's one of those devices that you'd probably dismiss based on the spec sheet, if it wasn't for its ridiculously affordable price point. Instead, this tablet is one of the best tech bargains you'll find... Full review

Looks good, costs less

Amazon Fire 7 (2017)

from TabletPCReview
The Fire 7 has a lovely screen, decent performance and battery life, and an extremely affordable price. Its very strong ties to the Amazon ecosystem are a benefit to Prime users, but will certainly turn away others... Full review
Laptop Magazine

Offers a solid design and offers easy access to Amazon's content

Amazon Fire 7 (2017)

from Laptop Magazine
While you can find other tablets that cost under $50, most are from no-name companies or are way out of date. When you consider the Fire 7's strong build quality, easy access to Amazon services and dead-simple interface, this tablet is almost in a class by itself. However, to reach this price, Amazon cut several corners, including on screen quality, audio performance and battery life. The slow processor and poor cameras are the most egregious of these downsides... Full review
Good E-Reader

Perfect for listening to audiobooks or reading an e-book

Amazon Fire 7 (2017)

from Good E-Reader
Over the years Amazon has slowly refined their tablet OS and gravitated away from the carousel and embraced a standard Android UI. This makes it easier for people who have used Android before, to feel right at home. I would only recommend this tablet if you are heavily invested in the Amazon ecosystem or have a Prime membership. The Fire 7 with Alexa is not a great entry point to all things Amazon, I would recommend using their Prime Video app on an iPad or Android tablet with better resolution and specs. This thing is just too jittery and laggy to really use as a primary device... Full review

No longer the most premium Amazon ereader

Kindle Voyage

from TechRadar
It's a lot of money. Yes. There's no doubting that. But the build quality, combined with the reading experience, tell me this is a premium product in the same way you can tell someone has a rather high salary when you slide into their Bentley... Full review

Surprisingly great

Amazon Fire

I purchased the phone strictly for development reasons with no plans to activate it. Based on pre-release reviews and comments, I expected a gimmicky phone. The first day or so, I just played around with the features, some seems strong while other seemed gimmicky. On the third day, I actually set... More
I purchased the phone strictly for development reasons with no plans to activate it. Based on pre-release reviews and comments, I expected a gimmicky phone. The first day or so, I just played around with the features, some seems strong while other seemed gimmicky. On the third day, I actually set the phone up completely all my accounts and apps. That's when the phone really came a live. The homescreen carousel works great for multitasking and showing recent activity within an app and shortcut widgets to app specific tasks. I love that each individual GameCircle app has homescreen details on accomplishments. I find myself using the phone one handed, utilizing the phone motions to slide in menus and settings shade. These features in the first few days seemed gimmicky but I actually found myself using and preferring them because they provide easier one-handed interactions. I could go into a ton more details, solid hardware, great case, etc. But the best summary is simply to say, I gave my iPhone to my daughter because I now plan to actually activate the Fire phone. Less

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