You can't just throw them in the garbage. There are chemicals in the battery and LCD screens that may be harmful to your environment. Hopefully you care. Even if you don't care, you can still dispose of your old phone in a way which benefits everyone.


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"According to Inform Inc., a non profit independent research organization, about 130 million cell phones are retired each year in the US. Other organizations estimate that there may be as many as 500 million cell phones lying idle in the desks and closets of America.

You may not realize it, but many of those old cell phones are valuable – some much more valuable than you may think. On the down side, all of them contain hazardous substances that can pose a threat to the environment and to public health if disposed of improperly.

The web site was created to address those facts – to return real cash value to people who still own their old out-of-service cell phones, and to address the issue of safe and responsible recycling on old cell phones.

"The key objective of is to enable consumers and businesses to recover the value of retired cell phones while safely disposing of unused handsets that hold little or no value," said James Mosieur, chief executive officer of RMS Communications Group Inc., the company that operates"