vlingo speech to textImagine a voice recognition system that actually understands you. Now imagine it has been fully integrated into your phone, allowing you to dictate and send text messages, emails, call up programs, conduct searches, and more, all by pressing and holding a single button "wakie talkie" style!

Vlingo is all that! A Cambridge, MA based start-up, Vlingo recently launched for Blackberries, but is working with Sprint and AT&T Wireless as part of its aggressive expansion plans.

As a Blackberry user, I cannot say enough about this fantastic application. Consider: Prior to Vlingo, if I wanted to send a text, I would first have to select the contact, then type the message, then pull up a set of "send" options, and ultimately send the text. Easy enough, but still... a lot of keystrokes.

With Vlingo, all I do is press one of my convenience keys, talk normally to the person I wish to send the text to, and Blingo! it is done! That adds up to hundreds, perhaps thousands of saved keystrokes per day.

Did I mention Vlingo is free? Fringo!

Vlingo is a thoughtful application that improves in accuracy the more you use it. Using Adaptive Speech Technology, it learns the way YOU talk. It works! It really works!!

When I initially tested Vlingo I was truly amazed at how accurate, quick and fun the entire process was.

Vlingo has partnered with Yahoo's One Search, so if you use Opera Mini on your device you will have an additional layer of seamless response.

Kudo's to Vlingo for producing a fabulous application and bringing it to market for the masses, all free of charge.

If you are a Blackberry user (just for now), visit Vlingo.com and try it for yourself.

God I love free enterprise!