If I didn't know better I'd think Verizon Wireless was in this game to win. Consider such recent events as Verizon Wireless buying Alltel, adding Brightpoint as a high profile reseller of its product line, continuing to offer cutting edge phones, getting tons of free publicity by announcing its new "open-access" philosophy, an ongoing multi-billion dollar advertising campaign and customer service and satisfaction scores that clearly come in at or near the very top of every poll.

Of course, there is the small matter of a monster ETF lawsuit and some other wounds of business, but on balance I see a company which consistently leads the way against its main competitor: AT&T Wireless. When Verizon announced it was going to prorate ETF's, AT&T followed suit. When Verizon announced unlimited messaging bundles, AT&T followed right behind, like a big orange puppy. When Verizon announced an "everything" plan, so did AT&T.

If you want to know what the CEO's over at AT&T Wireless are up to, just ask the CEO's over at Verizon Wireless.

And when it comes to television advertising, Verizon Wireless has consistent characters and a consistent message. AT&T Wireless, by comparison, has great advertising concepts, but too many make it to the TV, confusing viewers. Unused minutes? Best network? I can't decide.

The bottom line is that Verizon Wireless behaves as though business were war, and their playbook comes directly from Sun Tzu.

Something to consider. What do YOU think?