Long Game


Long Game App Screenshots

Going out and blowing your budget can be a blast. Stashing money aside for a rainy day? Not so much. Long Game helps add gamification and a bit of chance to building your savings. There's no charges and all savings are backed by the FDIC. The concept is pretty simple. You deposit money into savings and get coins in return. These coins are used to play games and potentially earn more money. There's even interest on your savings!

Kuna Toucan Security Camera

Gear & Gadgets

Kuna Toucan Product Breakdown

Wireless security systems can be a pain to setup and use. Kuna's new Toucan makes it simple. Just use their USB insert in any outdoor light socket, mount the camera and plug it into the insert. You still get all the safety of your outdoor light and no hassles with complicated camera mounting or running power connections. Other features include a two-way intercom, a wide-angle lens and IP44 snow, rain and humidity resistance. Doesn't hurt that it's quite sleek looking too!

Put Your Phone Down


Put Your Phone Down Promo Image

Seems gamification can help with anything--including not playing games. If you're worried about the amount of time you spend checking Facebook, reading emails or exploding candy on your mobile device, Put Your Phone Down is a cheeky yet fun way of trying to break those habits. You launch the app, hit go and put your phone down. This starts a timer until you pick up your phone. The longer you go, the more achievements you unlock. There's even an online leaderboard to see who can put down their phone the longest.

Moment 2.0 Photo Case


Moment Case and Lens Images

The cameras in today's flagship phones are quite astounding. The engineers of the Moment 2.0 system want to make it even better. The Moment line of accessories include a variety of cases and lens designed to help push the camera on the iPhone 7/7S closer to pro-grade. Both cases allow you to attach a Moment Lens quickly and easily. If you're planning an extended photoshoot, the battery case will give your phone extra juice while also providing a comfortable grip. We think these accessories look great and can't wait to see what else they come up with.

The Human Body


The Human Body App Screenshot Animation

Our bodies are complex. If you've ever found yourself scratching your head to answer a question about how the body works--especially to children--this app is just what you need. The animated style makes it approachable yet accurate. No worries about scaring younger kids. From digestion and circulation to how the eyes work and how medication moves through your bloodstream, the app covers a huge range of topics. It even animates the figures and offers fun sound effects!



Senstone Color Options

Your phone should be the perfect tool for capturing those impromptu thoughts and creative moments. But between the hassle of hunting down your notepad app or firing up a voice assistant and the endless distractions awaiting you as soon as you unlock your phone, it doesn't always work out that way. Senstone makes capturing your thoughts simple. Just tap the small clip-on device and speak. Using AI, it turns your speech into words and saves it on your phone. Tap, speak, done!



Socratic App Screenshot

Remember when you had to get a tutor for courses that gave you trouble? Or those late nights digging through indexes in your textbooks? Socratic puts the power of mobile devices and the internet to work to help solve virtually any homework problem. Sure, Wolfram Alpha and Google and have been around for a long time and can get the job done too. But Socratic takes it a step further. It shows you step-by-step how to solve the problem and points you to additional resources. It's a cloud-powered pocket tutor not just a fancy calculator. It's currently an iOS exclusive, but hopefully Android will see the Socratic love soon!

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