The pile of proof that blue light is wrecking your sleep keeps piling up and obile devices are major contributors to blue light exposure after dark.

This Harvard Health Letter recommends avoiding screens two to three hours before bed.

But let's be honest, that's not likely to happen. So we thought we'd share a couple options for filtering blue light and reducing mobile distractions before bed.

First, use the "Do Not Disturb" mode on your phone or tablet. Here's the settings you should change for most Android and iOS devices.

It takes a few minutes to set things up. However, both platforms allow you to mute notifications without worrying about missing crucial notifications.

Second, if your device doesn't support blue light filtering already, these apps can help:

  • F.lux: Using your location, this app automatically adjusts the color temperature of your display. It works on iOS, Linux, OSX and Windows.

  • Lux: For Android devices, this app a great alternative. It offers blue light filtering and adaptive brightness controls. Even if your phone doesn't have an ambient light sensor, it can use your camera to adjust screen brightness.

Both apps are free and simple to use.

Sweet dreams!

~ The Informr

Motiv Ring


Motiv Ring Product Images

Fitness trackers are an easy way to analyze your daily activity, monitor sleep patterns and build fitness routines. But they're also bulky and can get in the way. The Motive Ring just requires an open finger. Thanks to its titanium design, it's also ready to jump in the pool or shower and deal with anything you can throw at it throughout your day. It's also more attractive than most fitness bands we've seen. The order process includes sizing so you don't need to worry about fit issues either!



Vellum App Screenshots

Wallpapers for desktops and laptops are a dime a dozen. But finding a perfect wallpaper for your mobile devices is trickier. Vellum offers a hand-picked selection of stunning wallpapers intended for use on portrait-oriented displays. This iOS-exclusive app features a selection of image themes, making it easy to find options that fit your aesthetic. It also offers synching backgrounds with your Apple Watch for a cohesive mobile experience!

Pulse Camera Remote


Image of Pulse Camera Controller

While mobile phone cameras have come a long way in recent years, most still can't compete with a high-end dSLR. The Pulse Camera Remote from Alpine Labs links your Nikon or Canon camera and your mobile phone to unlock a range of features and provide full control of your camera without having to touch it. It's the best of both worlds! Check out the Pulse Cable Checker to see if your camera is compatible before buying!



Screenshots of Squeeze App

With its simple interface and automated comparison tools, the Squeeze app makes monitoring your monthly finances and saving on common bills simple. You start by linking it to your accounts for your mobile phone, TV and Internet services. The app compares your current plans with offers available both at your current provider and their competitors to find you easy savings. It also features basic financial planning features to help you keep budgets, create savings plans and improve financial stability.

Weather Line


Screenshots of Weather Line App

Combining the power of Dark Sky and machine learning with a stylish interface, Weather Line offers minute-by-minute weather updates for those who prefer something with more visual appeal than Dark Sky. The army of widgets also make it easy to check weather at a glance for locations around the world. While it's an iOS exclusive, Android users can find similar features in Weather Wiz.

FlowMotion Stabilizer


Product Image of FlowMotion Stabilizer

Whether you're shooting shots of the kids in the yard or filming your globetrotting adventures, nothing makes a potentially awesome video nauseating and unbearable like shaking. The FlowMotion Stabilizer uses advanced software features and full-motion mounting to help you capture smooth, professional-grade video using your smartphone. To truly appreciate it, you have to watch the video on their IndieGoGo page (linked above).

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