I can’t even find my way with a tour guide. Cardinal direction means about as much to me as quantum physics means to a hairdresser. I have the unique gift of getting lost even with the aid of explicit turn-by-turn directions and detailed mileage and landmark descriptions. I’m not the only differently-abled navigator out there, and the gurus at Google know this.

Google Local Screen Shot 1

Thank Geek for Mapquest, Yahoo and Google Maps. But wait - it gets better. Google Local is now available for some cell phones. (You have to have a compatible device, and a data service.)

Whether you are walking or driving, Google Local will get you there - even if you are constantly getting lost.

I was skeptical, so I tried it out. It really works just the way it does on your computer! You type in the address of the starting point, or zoom to a spot on a map, and then key in your destination, and ba-da-bing! You’ve got step by step, turn by turn directions, right there on your phone.

I can’t wait to get lost again!