First there was the Google short code for finding local pizza and auto parts stores. Semi-cool. Then there was free 411. Very cool.

But now there is a far more comprehensive and useful application called Beyond 411, that integrates directly into your Blackberry and creates its own cool icon and instantly makes your life simpler, easier, more meaningful. You have meaning now.

This app rocks, no other way around it. My friend sent it my way today and I'm still playing with it. It's deeper and more powerful than any single free application I've added to my Blackberry yet.

You can do searches, from Yellow Pages to White Pages, you can look up driving directions and web pages, and the moment you start typing the advanced predictive text feature presents you with a logical list, a most comprehensive list, from which to choose.

It can even search based on your exact location using GPS!

Beyond 411 also offers Blackberry address book integration which allows you to add results directly to your address book and email searches as a vcard, so you will only have to look items up once.

Beyond 411 also offers local price searches via Yokel Shopping search, local sports, weather and news.


Folks, if you are a Blackberry user you're in for a major treat. Go to Beyond 411 and get your copy today!