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NOTE: This plan may no longer be available for new customers. See the latest T-Mobile plans here.
$90 Magenta Plus

$90 Magenta Plus review

$90.00 per month

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Long distance included

Estimated cost

per month with taxes and fees
Advertised price

Total Price:

Complete Details

Plan Payment Type Postpaid
Individual/Shared Plan Individual
Business plan No
Number of Lines 1
Calling Area Nationwide
Fee $90.00 per month
Emergency Access Fee / e911 -
Activation Fee $35
Security Deposit -
Early Cancellation / Termination Fee Device financing and lease fees due at time of cancellation.
SIM card fee $0
Voice Minutes
Anytime Minutes Unlimited minutes included
Billing Increment Minute
Evening / Weekend Minutes -
Evening / Weekend Time Period -
Early Evenings -
Free Incoming -
Calling Between Plan Members -
Favourite Numbers (My5, etc.) -
Messaging & Data
Text Messages (SMS)
Unlimited messages included
Unlimited messages included
Sent (Internationally)
Unlimited messages included
Data Usage Unlimited included
Long Distance & Roaming
Long Distance -
Basic Voicemail Included
Enhanced Voicemail -
Visual Voicemail -
Voicemail-To-Text Included
Call Waiting Included
Call Display Included
Name Display Included
Who Called / Missed Call SMS -
Call Forwarding Included
Conference Calling Included
No Answer Transfer -
Hotspot / Shareable Data Included
Detailed Billing -
Paper Billing -
411 Directory Assistance $1.99 per call
Roadside Assistance -
Parental Control -
Insurance Protection -
Video Calling -
Mobile TV -
GPS Navigation -
Radio -
  • Save $5 per month when you enroll in Auto Pay
  • Eligible for¬†Multi-line discount
Additional Information

Additional features

  • Use talk, text & 5GB of data at 4G speed in Mexico & Canada
  • Unlimited texting & up to 256kbps data in 210+ countries and destinations.
  • Free in-flight texting and unlimited data
  • Get both Quibi and Netflix free for one year, then choose your favorite streaming benefit.
    • Available for qualifying plans with 2+ lines.¬†
  • Music Freedom (Free music streaming)
  • HD streaming
  • 2x the data speed abroad.
  • Free stuff every week
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