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As one of the newest carriers to hit the US, Mint SIM is offering affordable contract-free rates using the power of the T-Mobile network. While their monthly service rates aren’t anything too different from the usual, they offer substantial discounts for paying in advance.

Currently, options include monthly, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month payments. At the one month level, plans range between $35 and $60 per month. At the yearly level, plans range between $16.58 and $33.25 per month.

If you need a new phone, their selection is currently lacking. However, support for most unlocked GSM phones allows you to find a phone on Amazon or bring yours with you by swapping in one of their SIMs.

What’s Good?

  • Great rates
  • Solid network coverage
  • No-contracts
  • No early termination fees
  • Bring your own device

What’s Bad?

  • Small phone selection
  • No refunds if you switch carriers during your prepaid time
  • Single month rates only so-so

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Notable Features

  • Prepay Discounts: Pay for more service upfront and save on the per-month rate.
  • UpRoam: Add roaming credits to your account in $5 to $20 increments to keep billing predictable while enjoying use of your mobile phone abroad.
  • Wi-Fi Talk and Text: With a supporting phone, you can enjoy crystal clear calls and fast texting using any open Wi-Fi connection nearby.

Awards and Recognitions

This carrier debuted at the end of 2016. As such, there aren’t many awards and recognitions out there. However, reviews of the service are generally positive and the stability and speeds of the T-Mobile network are already proven.

How is the Network Coverage and Speed?

Mint SIM uses the T-Mobile network. They claim their 4G LTE network covers 98% of Americans.

You can check coverage and network types for Mint SIM using their Coverage Map.

PC Magazine's 2017 "Fastest Mobile Networks" study clocked average download speeds on the T-Mobile network at 29.3Mbps. Upload speeds were the fastest of the 4 major carriers, coming it at 18.3Mbps.

This earned them second place in the study.

Additional data from PC Magazine’s 2016 US study, “Fastest Mobile Networks,” rated 4G download speeds at 19.88Mbits per second and uploads at 18.02Mbits per second--the fastest upload average in the nation.

T-Mobile's network also ranked first in Ookla's "2017 United States Speedtest Market Report" with a SpeedScore of 23.17.

Do They Charge Roaming Fees?

With coast-to-coast coverage, there’s no worries about roaming in the US.

However, to use your phone outside the country, you’ll need to add UpRoam credits to your account. Available in $5, $10 and $20 increments, these credits allow you to roam in more than 160 countries at a flat rate.

In Canada and Mexico, you’ll pay $0.02 for each outbound SMS and $0.06 per minute for each minute of voice calling. In the rest of the world, you’ll pay $0.05 for each outbound SMS and $0.25 per minute for voice calls.

For more information, consult their International Roaming page.

Do They Charge Long Distance Fees?

For all plans, including domestic long distance at no additional charge. For international calls, you’ll pay a flat per-minute rate depending on your destination.

For a full list of destinations and fees, consult their International Rates page.

Does MintSIM Offer Wi-Fi Calling?

Yes. If you have a supported phone, they allow calling over Wi-Fi at no additional charge. They do not currently offer an app for Wi-Fi calling on non-supported phones.

Not sure if your phone is compataible? Consult their Wi-Fi Talk & Text page.

How About Voice over LTE (VoLTE)?


Can I Tether My Phone?

No. In Mint SIM’s Acceptable Use Policy, they say:

“You may use the Mint SIM Service for lawful, proper and appropriate purposes. You may not use our Service or your Device in any way that is illegal, improper or inappropriate. A non-exhaustive list of examples of illegal, improper or inappropriate uses of our Service includes: …

4.9 Use of your Mint SIM device as a modem, or tethering your Mint SIM device to a personal computer or other hardware.”

They further note that they can terminate accounts found to be tethering.

Can I Rollover Unused Data?

No. Mint SIM plans do not include data rollover

What Add-ons or Bundles are Available?

The only add-ons (beside the UpRoam credits listed above) available through Mint SIM are data boosts. You can add 1GB to your monthly allotment for $10 or 3GB for $20.

Can I Bring My Own Device?

Yes! You can bring your own device. Unlocked phones must support band 2, 4 and 12 for optimal service.

For additional information on BYOD requirements, consult their FAQ.

Do They Require a Credit Check?

No! As a prepaid service provider, MintSIM does not require a credit check to start service.

What About Activation and SIM Fees?

MintSIM does not charge an activation.

If you bring your own phone or tablet, you'll also need a MintSIM. 

SIM kits are included with any new plan activation for free.

Do They Charge an Early Termination Fee?

Yes and no. While there is no term contract for service, you are paying in advance for your service. They will not refund any prepaid time if you choose to cancel service.

If you’re not sure how the service will work in your area, we recommend signing up for a single month of service before committing to a longer term.

Can I Port My Number To or From Mint SIM?

Yes! Mint SIM follows all Local Number Portability requirements allowing you to bring your existing landline or mobile phone number to your new account.

General requirements include:

  • The account with which the number is associated must be active and in good standing.
  • The number must be in an area in which Local Number Portability regulations are in effect.

They recommend calling customer care to start the process. This ensures a smooth transition between providers.

You can find out additional information about the process on their FAQ page.

Will They Unlock My Phone?

All phones sold by Mint SIM are already unlocked!

For additional questions about pricing, features and coverage, be sure to check our Mint SIM Q&A Forum. It’s filled with questions and answers from people like you looking to get the most out of their mobile service!

If you spot any errors or missing information, please let us know! It's appreciated and will help make this page better for everyone.

Voice network: GSM 850/1900
Data network: GPRS, EDGE, UMTS 1700/1900, LTE 1700

Mint SIM Customer Service

Mailing Address:
1550 Scenic Avenue, Suite 100, Costa Mesa, California 92626

Phone Number:
844-6468-746 (or 611 from your cell)

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Official Website, Facebook, Twitter, Coverage Maps, Manage Your Account

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Reviews (9.8/10 Avg. rating)

The Gadgeteer

If saving money is a big concern for you

from The Gadgeteer
If you’re on a budget, definitely check into Mint SIM. As long as your area has good T-Mobile coverage, they are a viable alternative to Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T... Full review
Android Central

Very affordable pricing, spotty LTE data speeds

from Android Central
Mint SIM is a great choice for people who don't need tethering, and can deal with a few occasional slowdowns when it comes to cheap wireless data service... Full review
Android Guys

Aggressive plans pricing and well worth your consideration

from Android Guys
Carrier plans are not something I personally give a lot of thought to. My family has always been with one of the large carriers and my work gives me a discount on my plan so I’ve been a little complacent. The only thing that holds me back from switching over would be the lack of a “family style” plan. There is currently no price break for multiple lines. That being said, the prices, if we break them down to a monthly cost, are very aggressive and this only makes things better for us as consumers... Full review

Darn, there are no reviews yet for this carrier.

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