Kajeet Mobile is a virtual wireless company operating on the Verizon and Sprint LTE wireless networks.

The company has put some serious thought into the mobile phone market for children. They offer a fairly wide range of phone models. Beyond the bright and colourful exteriors the majority of them are budget smartphones and Kajeet also offer some refurbished models.

The big draw here is really the functionality on the phone and the parental control system Kajeet has developed.

You can use the Time Manager to set limits for texts and calls and dictate when the phone can and can’t be used. You can manage data. You can use the Contact Manager to set which numbers you want to allow messaging and calls from and block others. You can use the Wallet Manager to try and teach them some monetary responsibility by letting them pay their own mobile phone bill using their allowance.

Perhaps best of all, you can use the GPS locator to find out exactly where they are at any given moment. All of the parental controls can be set up through a web interface.

Kajeet offers a variety of low cost plans including pay-as-you-go or monthly options starting at $4.99 per month.

Kajeet service is only available in the US.

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