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Parabus App Screenshot

If, like us, you bought a large portion of your holiday gifts online, Paribus might be your ticket to getting back a fat rebate. The service is pretty simple. It checks in with retailers using your email receipts and if it notices a recent price drop, it gets in touch with the seller and tries to net you the difference. If you get a rebate, they take 25%. Sound plenty fair to us for all the time it would take to do it by hand!

Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit


Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit

While there's plenty of smartphone mounts for your car, desk or even your arm, the options on bikes are a bit more limited. This mount caught our eye with it's simple, secure attachment method, support for a range of devices and the accessories that render your phone weatherproof without making it useless. If you choose to get around on two wheels, we think this kit is a great deal!



Zero App Screenshots

Seems like a new health, exercise or food tracking apps releases every week. However, there's not many options when it comes to fasting. The app features templates for two different fasting regimens and is customizable if you need to tweak settings to suit your fasting routine. Of course, always consult a doctor to be sure fasting is a proper approach for your goals or needs. However, we think the intuitive design and forever-free price tag make this a great app serving an underserved niche!

Compass Stone


Compass Stone Product Image

Phone navigation is cool. But if you're looking to take in the sights around you or simply explore, it's kind of hard to do that staring at your screen. Compass Stone's distraction-free approach to navigation is simple. You set a destination on your app, pull out your compass stone and follow the lights to your destination. There's still a month to go on their Kickstarter, but if it makes it to live, we think this could be a great way to get around when traveling in new cities or even walking with friends!



Ada App Screenshot

Phones offer a number of tools to help you improve and monitor your health. But the number of options out there for actually receiving care are low despite the growing popularity of telehealth services. Ada combines comprehensive reporting, on-call medical professionals and an approachable, easy-to-use interface to offer advice and routine health screenings without the need to sit in a waiting room full of sick people for hours. We think anyone can get behind that!

LG Levitating Speaker


LG Levitating Speaker Product Image

While it won't be on the market for a while, LG's latest speaker is unique enough we felt it was worth a preview mention. While many wireless speakers lack fullness--and even more just look like rubber-coated bricks--LG's new levitating speaker looks like it'll bring a classy appearance and improved audio to the table. The speaker is actually two pieces. The smaller portion floats and rotates filling the room with audio while the base doubles as a subwoofer. When the batteries get low, the pod gently floats down and charges in the base. We'll be looking forward to seeing this one at CES for sure!

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