Top Ten iPhone Killers: Circa 2006

After the original iPhone came out, we published a list of the Top 10 "iPhone Killers". Our picks from that time are below.

Before we begin, we must always remember what it felt like when real pics of the iPhone begun spreading around the Web.

It was more beautiful than we had ever imagined and at that time we were pretty convinced that the iPhone is as revolutionary as revolutionary devices go.

There's been a lot of back-tracking since then.

Is this just the unbearable waiting talking or is there cause for doubting the iPhone's success?

Following are devices that may mean iPhone's failure in order of their likelihood of stealing iPhone's thunder.

1. Nokia N95 
The N95, the most powerful handset yet to be released, is equipped with a full-load of pretty nasty features like its fully-integrated GPS, 5 MP camera, HSDPA connection speed, including all the multimedia entertainment support today's mobile crowd will likely need. Even without iPhone's multi-touch technology, the N95 has a user interface that is too hot to ignore right now with iPhone still months away. With Nokia's market leadership in place to help sell this juicy handset, the N95 is iPhone's biggest threat. Recently Nokia announced an agreement with YouTube that will definitely make the yummy N95 that much easier to swallow.

n95 yahoo

2. Samsung F700
Slim, touch-screen and HSDPA capable. The only weakness of this device is the Flash user interface. But this Samsung could easily turn around once they show us how the touch-screen actually works, if it does work like we imagine a Flash UI could work.

3. Sony Ericsson SO903iTV Bravia Phone 
Soon to be released in Japan. Ask the Japanese how good this TV phone is then tell them how the iPhone compares to it and you will see a smile so smug you won't need him to put it in words. This new Bravia Phone is not number one for only one reason: the Japanese doesn't think releasing it to the U.S. is worth their while. But who knows.

bravia phone, new

4. Meizu M8 
Meizu who? You might laugh at this Chinese manufacturer but they have produced the closest iPhone lookalike, and it's smaller.

5. LG Prada Phone 
The most hyped iPhone rival, it boasts inferior touch-screen controls and UI compared to the iPhone, but not too inferior to make it a non-threat. Released months earlier than iPhone, it costs 200 dollars more, which goes against the LG Prada in a major way. Other specs of the LG Prada are no iPhone beater either.


6. Sony Ericsson W880 Walkman Phone
The yet to be released slim phone is hard to resist. SE's Walkman Phones are the iPod's biggest threat. The slim W880 comes with a 1GB Memory Stick Micro which is the current hippest way to extend your phone's memory. The iPhone, famously, doesn't have memory extension. All music and videos will have to be saved in its non-disposable mini hard disk.

7. Nokia E90 Communicator 
Two fabulous screens including a 800 x 352 pixel screen inside, a QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi and 3.2 MP camera will make it very difficult for consumers to resist spending their iPhone savings before June. It's also the most good-looking Communicator ever built by Nokia and the terrific external display helps.

E90 Open

8. Nokia N99 
This future addition to the Nseries is a fully loaded with 16GB of Flash memory with additional 4GB via miniSD. WiFi, GPS, 8MP camera and a 3.2 screen with 16:9 aspect ratio.

9. Neonode N2 
Obsessed with touch screen, why not try a device smaller than the iPhone. It uses Windows CE, which will probably be a more stable OS than say Windows Mobile or OS X.

10. Xun Chi 138 
Yes, the Chinese are coming. The Xun Chi is the smallest touch screen phone in the world and it reads recognizes handwritten Chinese characters. and it's cheap you can buy Xun Chis in bulk.