Are you looking to run the Google Android OS on your Windows Mobile device?

Good news. You can.

To do so, you need to download the Nexus One build and dual boot your Windows PDA. 

Dual boot allows Windows Mobile users to run the Google Android mobile operating system on their mobile phone.

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Dual Boot Android & Windows Mobile - HTC Touch Pro 2

First, you need to download the necessary files.

You can download Nexus One build files from Forum XDA.

Next, download and install the contents of the Android OS archive in the root directory of your Windows pocket mobile storage card. You will find a “Startup.txt” file inside the “Startup” folder.

Once your locate this file, transfer it to the directory of the storage card so that your OS will recognize your Windows mobile device hardware. You can download the Google Android mobile OS at this link.

Now it is time to update your system file.

After you download the updated file, rename the file to “system.sqsh” and install it to your root directory. You will overwrite your old system file. You can download the updated system file from here.

There are two additional files that need to be installed to your Windows mobile smartphone. Download “zImage.20100127_085953” and save it to your root directory, but rename it as “zImage.” This will overwrite your previous zImage file.

Also, download “modules-2.6.27-00796-g6d9e0e9.tar.gz" and save it to your root directory. You can download these files from here. You only need to download one more file.

Once you have already completed the above steps, download this file and install it to your root directory. 

Gen.Y DualBOOT CAB file is important because it will allow you to start the Google Android OS when you turn your Windows mobile device on.

Now, it is time to get down to business.

Begin by rebooting your Windows mobile device. An option screen will appear that allows you to choose your operating system. You should select Google Android. You will notice that the loading screen that appears is very similar to the loading screen on the popular Android smartphone. This is because your Windows smartphone now will operate very similar to a Google android mobile device.

Your Google mobile will not operate exactly like the Android smartphones, however. Although the software is continually being updated and improved, features like WiFi and Bluetooth do not currently work on the Android mobile software for the Windows smartphone.

The interface is easy to navigate and very similar to the Google Android mobile phone.

The software includes the Android Market, and downloading applications is a breeze.

While the build files you downloaded come with several popular Google Android applications, you will have to transfer them to the correct directory in the root directory.

Inside the “AndroidApps” folder, you will find additional folders, like “Core,” “Media,” and “Games.” To use these applications, transfer the folders’ contents to the “AndroidApps” directory.

Using the Google Android mobile software ROM, your Windows Mobile hardware runs like an Android mobile phone, just like the Nexus One.