While mobile phone cameras have come a long way in recent years, most still can't compete with a high-end dSLR.

Now they don't have to.

The Pulse Camera Remote from Alpine Labs links your Nikon or Canon camera and your smartphone to unlock a range of features and provide full control of your camera without having to touch it.

It's the best of both worlds!

Using The Pulse, you can wirelessly control your camera's shutter, ISO and aperture. You can also preview images and start / stop video.


The Pulse module, which attaches to your cameras hot-shoe, connects with smartphones (iOS or Android app) using low-energy Bluetooth. 

This allows for quick pairing, less battery drain and decent range. It's good up to about 100 feet.

So should you buy it? 

Maybe. But, we want to warn you that reviews are mixed.

Gaining the kind of remote camera control Pulse offers is a revelation for a lot of photographers. But many reviewers have been pretty critical of the device's pairing capabilities, mentioning continual syncing issues.

Still, if you spend a good part of your day with a camera bag, the Pulse might be worth a look.

And what does such a handy little sidekick cost?  


Just be sure to check out the Pulse Cable Checker to see if your camera is compatible before buying!

GET IT - $99