About Audiovox

Audiovox Corporation is an international distributor and service provider specializing in mobile and consumer electronics industries. Audiovox conducts business through its seven subsidiaries.

Audiovox markets its products under the Audiovox name and others, including: Car Link, Advent, Discwasher, Energizer, Heco and others.

Founded in 1965 by John J. Shalam, Audiovox reached $100 million in sales in 1975. Other milestones include going public with an IPO in 1987, splitting into two Marketing Groups in 1991, begins selling aftermarket mobile video systems in 1997 and reaches $1 Billion in sales in 1999.

In addition to mobile products, Audiovox also makes radios, speakers, amplifiers, compact disc changers and other products.

Main competitors include Sony, Panasonic, Kenwood, Alpine, Monster Cable and others.

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