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Plantronics Voyager Edge review

8.1/10 AVG.
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Plantronics Voyager Edge
Plantronics Voyager Edge
Plantronics Voyager Edge
Plantronics Voyager Edge
Plantronics Voyager Edge
Plantronics Voyager Edge
Plantronics Voyager Edge
Plantronics Voyager Edge
Plantronics Voyager Edge
Plantronics Voyager Edge
Plantronics Voyager Edge

The Plantronics Voyager Edge's impressive hands-free call quality and sleek size makes it a smarter buy than the fashionable Jawbone Era.

- Brian Bennett, Cnet 

Specs / Features

Type In-Ear
Warranty (Months) 12 months
Size 6 x 1 cm (2.4 x 0.4 in)
Weight N/A
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Reviews summary section

What's good

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Crisp audio quality for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Moisture-resistant

What's bad

  • Somewhat insecure fit on ear
  • Poor wind reduction ability

Despite being one of the top Bluetooth headset manufacturers, Plantronics continues to evolve their product in order to compete against the likes of Jawbone. The Voyager Edge is the company's answer to the extremely compact and “stylish” Jawbone headsets. Like its predecessor the 975SE, the Edge comes with a diamond-shaped body with a long, thin boom. While small in comparison to others in its lineup at 8.79 grams and 2.4 inches long, it still is bigger than its competitor – the Jawbone Era. Much of the additional size is due to the inclusion of a volume rocker, call answer and voice command key, all of which are not present on the Era. Still, experts had no issue with fatigue after wearing it for some time.

The Edge comes with three rubber eartips and an optional clip-on plastic loop for stabilization. While experts did not use the clip for the additional security they also note the overall fit was not as solid as they would like. Unlike the Era, the Edge does not enter the ear canal; instead it rests just outside of it. This made it feel much less secure though Slashgear adds, "To be fair, it only became dislodged after a particularly vigorous head shake…" Luckily, it is moisture-resistant thanks to its nano-coating but it's not going to survive a dip in a puddle.

Despite some flaws it in its design, reviewers were quite happy with both the incoming and outgoing audio quality. PC Mag notes, "Call coming through the earpiece sound full and easy to understand…Transmissions through the mic are clear and natural sounding." They warn that like other headsets, the Edge struggled with wind resistance leaving their voice a "choppy mess." Overall, however, reviewers were impressed with the crisp quality of the sound on both ends though CNET adds, "…talking through Note 3's mouthpiece delivered the best calling experience." And with a battery life that lasted critics around 7 hours of continuous talk time, they didn't have to worry about call dropping off due to dead batteries.

For such a small device, the Edge is packed with features. As with most modern headsets, it can stream audio besides calls, like music and podcasts. It also allows for voice command in several languages other than English like Spanish, French, Cantonese and Mandarin. While it comes with physical buttons to turn on and off the device, it also has dual-capacitive sensors that detect when users are wearing it or not. Users simply have to have it in their ear and it will automatically answer incoming calls.

Reviewers describe the Edge as an excellent headset that offers excellent audio quality and elegant design. CNET states, "If you're looking for a Bluetooth headset that strikes an admirable balance between performance and possessing a compact frame, the Voyager Edge can't be beat." Phone Arena adds, "The Edge is well-crafted and distinguished…It's also a pleasure to wear as it's lightweight…"

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