BlueAnt_Q1_Bluetooth_HeadsetAsk any cell phone owner who has used a Bluetooth headset about their experience and they will have plenty to say. Among the comments you might hear are poor sound quality, lack of comfort, difficulty of use, poor design, static, and so on.

The motivated folks at Blue Ant must have taken a second trip to the coffee machine when setting about creating their latest and greatest Bluetooth headset. It screams of caffine and thoughtful imagination and I want to talk about it.

Why? Because the Blue Ant Q1 comes close to being one of the best Bluetooth headsets on the market today and clearly the finest that Blue Ant has yet produced.

Here's a breakdown of the Q1's flagship features:

Sound Quality

The Q1 offers superior sound via Voice Isolation Technology (VIT), which improves sound quality significantly, even in noisy areas. When tested, folks I spoke with said that my voice was crystal clear and that they did not discern any meaningful difference from the use of the headset and my speaking directly into the phone.


I've tested and owned numerous Bluetooth headsets and my biggest gripe has always been that the headset did not remain in place when I moved my head. The Q1 does. let me be clear: It Stays Put! Also, on some level I was always aware that I was "wearing" a headset. Somehow, the design of the Q1 lets you forget you're wearing a headset at all. It's light, comfortable, and within seconds of putting it on you really will forget you're wearing it until the calm female voice informs you of an incoming call!

The Q1 comes with a "hoop" option where you can loop it over your ear, but honestly, this little gem is so well made I find it equally comfortable and sturdy just placing it in my ear without the hoop and allowing the comfortable ear gell provided to create the comfort and stability I want.


Pairing your phone is simple due to a voice automated system that guides you every step of the way. No more thick manuals, and no more weird blinking light sequences and button presses to get to what you want. Blue Ant nailed it here big time by making the whole set-up and performance process about as easy it can be.

Anwering a call is as simple as saying the word "answer", and your conversation begins. You Do Not have to touch a button to accept a call. Kudos Blue Ant!

That's enough for me to give this personally-tested headset high marks, but it goes further. This device can be paired with two devices simultaneously, offers stereo sound so you can fully enjoy music and podcasts, looks great and is backed by a genuine warrenty.



If you have been shopping around for a poweful, EASY-TO-USE Bluetooth headset, consider the Blue Ant Q1; it does a cell phone good.

For more information, check out Blue Ant for pricing and additional information on their entire product line.