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4.5/5 stars (1,656 votes)
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4/5 stars (11,083 votes)

Reviews (8.2/10 Avg. rating)

PC Magazine

Great design, amazing globe radar

from PC Magazine

There's no doubt that Dark Skies is a beautiful app, fitting in perfectly with the high-design aesthetics of iOS. Everything about the app just works together beautifully, and the 3D-globe radar map is a stunning way to convey weather information.

Yes, it's expensive for a weather app, at just shy of $4. Then again, you won't see a single banner ad while using Dark Skies, and its precipitation alerts and beautiful radar view make a strong case for the cost. For now, Dark Skies earns a top score, though I'm keeping the Editors' Choice in its silk-lined oak case until I've looked a... Full review


A weather app you won't mind paying for

from Cnet

Not only does Dark Sky have the flattened, elegant look you expect from an iOS 7-specific app, it has features that should have been included in Apple's weather app to begin with. While I know the app is clearly just pulling in weather data and tailoring it to me, when I see it start to rain (as predicted) at 3:20 pm on the dot, it's almost like some sort of black magic.

Hocus-pocus aside, if you're constantly finding yourself caught without an umbrella, or wondering what kind of clothes to pack for a picnic, Dark Sky is the app for you. Not only does it tell you when rain or sno... Full review

Mac Life

Excellent forecasting

from Mac Life
From an information standpoint, Dark Sky’s update is a winner. But to break into the mainstream or even best the free, online Forecast.io, the interface and manner in which information is presented need some work... Full review

A weather app to keep you dry

from ReadWrite
Dark Sky's interface is wonderful, and its short-term precipitation tracking is worth a try. We do hope that it will incorporate severe weather notifications, even if it doesn't model the prediction of intense storms. Dark Sky concentrates on the right question - "Is it going to rain?" - but people are going to count on weather apps to keep them safe, too... Full review

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11,083 from iTunes App Store

11,083 App Store customers have shared a review for Dark Sky. Ratings are generally positive averaging 4 out of 5 stars all time. The most current version of the app has 1,656 ratings with an average 4.5 out of 5 stars.


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