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4.5/5 stars (871 votes)
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4/5 stars (115,431 votes)

Reviews (8.2/10 Avg. rating)

PC Magazine

Still the biggest and most-beautiful entry in the series.

from PC Magazine

As annoying as Angry Birds 2's free-to-play systems are, they aren't out of place compared with the rest of the mobile market, as sad as that is. Fallout Shelter is really the only big, recent exception that comes to mind, and that only got away with looser restrictions because it's a tie-in for a larger console. Luckily, I was still able to get a lot of enjoyment out of Angry Birds 2 without spending a dime. It just took some patience, tactics, and brute force. And it was worth it because at its best, with its gameplay additions and spruced-up graphics, Angry Birds 2 is the biggest and mos... Full review


The best, and most free to play Angry Birds yet

from TouchArcade

Exclusively looking at the gameplay of Angry Birds 2, this is the best Angry Birds yet. Throwing in additional randomization spices things up a bit, the "boss fights" are really neat, and all the other little additions here and there (Like fans, flowers that spit blocks for some reason, and other strange things) make playing the game a ton of fun. I feel like it'd be equally easy to argue that this is the worst version of Angry Birds yet too, with all the free to play shenanigans ruining everything. It's highly subjective, really personal, and all a matter of perspective. I've been having a... Full review

Pocket Gamer

A constantly changing beast, but most of the changes here are for the better

from Pocket Gamer

The additions here do make Angry Birds 2 feel like a step forward. And to say it's gorgeous would be an understatement. The whole game bubbles and ripples with charm and wit, from the gurning portraits you get in the corner when you line up a shot, to the huge explosions that fling pigs and scenery into the screen. It all makes you want more. You want to live in these vibrant hues, play with these squawking characters for as long as you can. And then you lose a few levels and have to stop.

Angry Birds 2 isn't perfect, but it does manage to capture that elastic playfulness that ma... Full review


A fresh new take on a winning formula

from PhoneArena

At the end of the day, Angry Birds 2 is a fresh new take on the original's slingshot action formula. The game has remained pretty much the same at its core, but it has been vastly improved in terms of gameplay, graphics, and variety. It is cute, amusing, addicting, and totally worth trying, especially at its zero price.

However, we do feel like Rovio could have done a bit more to get Angry Birds fans hooked once again. While having the new spells and level designs is nice, one or several new birds would have been welcome. After all, this is a major release in the series, and we'r... Full review

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