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Reviews (8.3/10 Avg. rating)


Good syncing and sharing support

from Macworld
Reeder 2 appears to be a worthy upgrade, although teething bugs and the lack of new and extra features may disappoint, especially as the app costs £2.99. That said, developer Silvio Rizzi has nicely tweaked a great RSS reader, especially following the demise of Google Reader, which can only get better with iOS 7... Full review

Certainly eye catching

from 148Apps
It is, essentially, extremely similar to its predecessor. Something that some users might find off-putting when it comes to paying out again. Much has been discussed about the issues that iOS developers are facing when it comes to their inability to offer paid upgrades but, understandably, it’s far from ideal for consumers. It’s a very individual decision and one that’s tricky to be definitive with. Given the high quality of Reeder 2, however, I’d say it’s worth that premium price, even for those who have already dipped into the app... Full review

Every bit as good as its predecessor

from Macworld

Admittedly, much of what I don’t like about Reeder 2 comes down to nitpicking. Its predecessor set the bar extremely high, and the new app just doesn’t exhibit the same attention to detail. That said, Reeder 2 remains an excellent RSS reader that, at its core, is every bit as good as its predecessor—it has already regained its status as my RSS-feed reader of choice. And if the history of the original Reeder is any indication, many of these skin-deep deficiencies will be addressed in regular updates.

If you happen to own the old version of Reeder, it may be a lit... Full review

What's On Iphone

Probably the best one for your iPhone, but not for the iPad

from What's On Iphone

Keeping aside the lack of search, Reeder 2 does provide a very impressive experience. But looking at Mr. Reader, providing everything above plus loads of other features, it is hard to keep eyes off it. You can go through its app description to find the endless list of features packed into it. It also comes with a lesser tag but unfortunately, is available only for iPads.

So this is the take away. If you’re an iPad only person, Mr. Reader would be my first suggestion for power users. Otherwise, if you have smaller screens to satisfy too, Reeder 2 being an universal app makes... Full review


It’s Reeder, remastered

from iPad.AppStorm

On the surface, Reeder 2 doesn’t offer much more than Reeder for iPad. It’s looks very much the same and there are very few additional features. There’s no doubt that Reeder for iPad needed a substantial rewrite in order to support the number of new feed services that rose out of the ashes of Google Reader and I’m sure as new services become available, Reeder 2 is in a much better position to be updated to support them as and when required.

I’d argue, however, that the familiarity of Reeder 2 is exactly what makes it so good. Silvio Rizzi pretty much... Full review

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1,640 App Store customers have shared a review for Reeder 2. Ratings are generally positive averaging 4 out of 5 stars all time. The most current version of the app has 22 ratings with an average 4 out of 5 stars.


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