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4/5 stars (13 votes)
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4.5/5 stars (22,433 votes)

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Faster and smoother than the standard Gmail app

from TechCrunch
While Inbox is slightly slower and crashes a little more often, I still think it’s a worthy effort. It’s also still early on for Inbox, and I am looking forward to retesting after the full release to see how it goes. I can see myself using Inbox as my primary email app as soon as they support my work email. Until then I am going to have to stick to Gmail... Full review

Comes close to mastering email

from Re/code

Lest you think I’m drinking too much of the Inbox Kool-Aid, let me tick off some things that annoy me about it. For starters, Inbox buries the CC and BCC options in composed emails, forcing you to hunt around and find a tiny arrow that, when pressed, reveals these lines. Most people would never find this option. Since Inbox learns your email behavior as you use it, it should also learn that if someone uses CC often, the CC line should automatically appear when that person composes emails.

Second, Inbox on the desktop replaces Google Talk with Google+ Ha... Full review

The Incidental Economist

Gives the ability to schedule emails and reminders

from The Incidental Economist
I like Inbox. I am using it almost exclusively. Scheduling/snoozing is the killer app. It helps me manage my life and my inbox. This is good.However, Google needs to bring in or bring back more of Gmails functionality to make Inbox a full-service email app. I believe this is their intention, but I don’t fully trust them. (Sorry, they lost my trust long ago.) Let’s wait and see.If you get an Inbox invitation, take it! I wish I could give you one, but Google has not granted me any (yet?). Perhaps my invites have been snoozed... Full review

Google Inbox too complicated to be useful

from AlphaBeatic

Compared to a regular email app, which generally consists of straight, horizontal lines of text, Google Inbox is a veritable dog’s breakfast. Circular icons, attachment images and lots of white space combine to create an overly busy layout. I initially thought it looked like Facebook – that busyness might work for a social network and its rich media, but not so much for email, where bare-bones information is more important than bells and whistles:

Google Inbox’s features are also a lot to chew on. I might have been tempted to use them one at a time, and then slo... Full review

Droid Life

Centered on the idea that your emails should be treated like a to-do list

from Droid Life

After spending a lot of time playing with Inbox and using it as my full time Gmail app I have to say that I still prefer Mailbox, especially if your workflow includes OS X. Mailbox for OS X is so much faster to use than Inbox in Chrome. Emails can be archived or snoozed by swiping over them with the mouse or with the arrow keys. You don’t ever have to leave the keyboard when using Mailbox, which also makes it much faster to use. ⌘N creates a new message, / starts a search, ⌘Number gets you into Snooze (2), Lists (3), Archive (4), etc. If Inbox had the ability to archive and snooze... Full review

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22,433 from iTunes App Store

22,433 App Store customers have shared a review for Inbox. Ratings are generally positive averaging 4.5 out of 5 stars all time. The most current version of the app has 13 ratings with an average 4 out of 5 stars.


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