Can I use a higher capacity battery for XOLO Play 8X-1100?

Is it possible to use higher capacity battery like xolo Q3000, play 8X-1020 etc battery in play 8X-1100

hello Carl P you are telling that S3 battery suits for xolo play 8x 1100 but it is not yesterday i went to buy s3 battery for xolo play 8x-1100 after buying s3 battery is smaller than xolo play 8x-1100 so can you please tell what all mobile battery is compatible for xolo play 8x-1100

thanks for your info...
anyway is it suitable xolo play 8x ???

I remember there's this phone I used before and the battery of Samsung Galaxy S III fits, so people started using it instead of the original battery. But personally, I say no. I find it dangerous. I will just buy a power bank instead.

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