How to fix Wi-Fi problem on the HTC One X9?

Hallo, I have a new HTC One x9 and I have problems with my Wi-Fi. It's only my phone that have a lot of Wi-Fi problems at home. Before I had a Samsung s6 and never had I problems. Now as example if I play a game like clash royale sometimes in the game, I logged out and they say you have network issues. This is also with other games en other things like YouTube. I know for sure that the problem is with the phone and not with my Wi-Fi. Also in the beginning I can't go to Wi-Fi so I asked a guy who is working with Wi-Fi modems, en he changed the Wi-Fi IP address en than he worked. Please do you know what I can do about it. Because is very irritating if I am calling with whatsapp or telegram of playing a game. Sorry for my bad English. Hope you can help me out. Greetz

Hi Aicha. If you want to change the your IP on the Wi-Fi network, go to Settings > Wi-Fi > tap and hold on the network you are trying to connect > tap Modify network > Show advanced options > IP settings choose Static. Below that you will see IP address and other network settings. 

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