Why wont your customer service do its job?!

I am beyond frustrated with your customer service. When our TV was in warranty we started having red lines flash on the TV. We contacted your customer service department and after over a year of back and forth, repairs on our end and yours and us ever getting a new console because you thought it was the console not your TV you guys are STILL delaying the process. We are ready to accept the refund we were promised but now you are saying you're reducing the refund amount because the TV is no longer in warranty when multiple people told us multiple times that the TV will be considered in warranty for ALL issues and repairs related to the TV. You wont call us, you'll only work over email and we have tried SO many times to fix this and you stonewall us and refuse to help. Step up Samsung. This is ridiculous.

this is the new methode of the big companies around the world to gain money

ps : the same thing Apple is doing as Samsung these companies are the past look to the chines companies they are the futureĀ 

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